Introducing Kryptos …

Folks, welcome to the online destination for Kryptos Solutions Inc. It’s my pleasure to share a bit about us today!

Our mission: We provide highly secure mobile solutions for android devices by integrating both the hardware and software layers of security.

Our Product: “Kryptos Secure Mobile Platform” for businesses to secure their android devices.

Solution Consulting: We also offer consulting services to create a customized solution in payments and end-point security domains.

Customers: We will focus on mid and small size companies using Android devices in high-risk environments, primarily in financial, health, intelligence, and enterprise sectors.

Principle: Our guiding principle is “security by design”. Our platform is built upon stock Android by integrating three main components:

best-in-class software security design proven open source cryptography hardware smart card security

If you’re looking to secure your high-risk business data, give us a shout on the link below. We look forwarding to hearing from you!


Neeraj Paliwal

Neeraj Paliwal
VP and General Manager